USIBD Standards Documents, Version 1.0

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is pleased to announce the publication of its first set of Building Documentation Standards/Specifications.  The four inaugural documents are:

  1. Request for Qualification (RFQ) Template
  2. Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
  3. 3D Imaging Specification
  4. Level of Accuracy (LOA) V. 2.0 Specification (published October 2017)

Each download is a compressed .ZIP file which contains the following files:

  1. GUIDE which contains instructions along with acknowledgements, legal notices and version numbers for each package of documents.
  2. FORM for use with the project in word or excel format.
  3. SAMPLE which illustrates the form completed for a sample project.

All of these are available from the ESTORE

Feedback and Comments:  We welcome feedback or comments on these documents.  Provide feedback here.