The USIBD is comprised of seven committees and overseen by a Board of Directors. This Leadership Team meets the third Friday of every month through a web meeting. At this meeting the Committee Chairs are responsible to report out their respective committee's activities to the Board of Directors.

Communications Committee

Communication is critical to the USIBD's ability to serve its membership and the community as a whole. The Communications Committee is pivotal to facilitating the other committees' initiatives.

Education Committee

A critical component of the USIBD mission is education and training. As a newly formed professional organization in a specialized field like Building Documentation establishing that we are the "go to" venue for education and training would help to attract members and build credibility.

Standards Committee

The USIBD Standards Committee provides USIBD members with the tools to properly assess and communicate project needs for those procuring and providing building documentation services. Utilizing a holistic view, USIBD has created a comprehensive set of tools that addresses both project and stakeholders’ requirements. 

Technology Committee

The USIBD Technology Committee provides leadership, vision, and research & development as they pertain to technologies within the building documentation industry. It recognizes available tools and forecasts the potential of new technology. This committee shall work closely with the Standards Committee in the development of best practices as they relate to